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Shoulder and elbow conditions often affect athletes involved in sports with throwing or overhead movements for racquet sports. Johns Hopkins All Children's offers the only sports medicine program on the west coast of Florida designed for youth athletes. Our specialists are experienced in treating these common shoulder and elbow conditions:

Shoulder & Elbow Conditions
Golfer's Elbow
Golfer’s elbow commonly affects athletes involved in golf, throwing sports and racquet sports. A symptom is pain along the inner side of the forearm when the wrist is bent or when the athlete makes a fist.
Little League Shoulder and Elbow
Little League shoulder and elbow are overuse injuries caused by too much throwing using improper mechanics. Physical therapy can help retrain the athlete to be more efficient and have better throwing mechanics.
Rehab After Wrist Fracture
A fall onto an outstretched arm is a common cause of wrist fracture in young athletes. If the wrist remains stiff, weak or painful after the cast is removed, it may require occupational therapy to regain full function.
Scapular Dyskinesis
Athletes in sports that require movement of the shoulder above the head, such as baseball, volleyball, tennis and swimming, commonly experience this type of injury. We treat scapular dyskinesis through a plan of stretching and strengthening exercises. 
Shoulder Dislocation
The shoulder is the body’s most mobile joint, however this wide range of motion makes it easy to dislocate. Repeated dislocations can lead to shoulder instability. Physical therapy is often useful, though some young athletes may need arthroscopic surgery to repair the ligaments around the joint.
Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)
Overuse of the muscles that raise your fingers and wrist causes stress that can lead to tiny tears in the tendon. This commonly happens in athletes involved in racquet sport and is indicated by pain along the outer side forearm.
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