Pediatric Thyroid Surgery: Our Approach to Comprehensive Care

For children and young adults with thyroid conditions that need surgical treatment, the Pediatric General Surgery team at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida, provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary care.

Why Choose Johns Hopkins All Children’s

Our pediatric surgeons work closely with the specialists in endocrinology, radiology and pathology to provide our patients with comprehensive care from diagnosis to surgery and follow-up care. The multidisciplinary team meets regularly to coordinate the care of each thyroid surgery patient.

We collaborate with the pathology team to provide real-time thyroid levels testing and work with endocrinology to coordinate our patients’ care immediately following surgery. 

Our team is also active in research related to thyroid surgery outcomes, and our patients receive the most advanced, evidence-based care.

Conditions We Treat

The conditions we treat include:

  • Masses or nodules of the thyroid
  • Graves’ disease
  • Thyroid cancer

Thyroid Cancer: Chloe's Story

Five years after being cancer free, Chloe's care team detected a different type of cancer, cancer of the thyroid. The pediatric surgery team and endocrinology team worked together to provide Chloe with expert, comprehensive care. Learn more about the multidisciplinary care Chloe received at Johns Hopkins All Children's.

Read Chloe's Story

Chloe at Johns Hopkins All Children's with Nicole Chandler, M.D.

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