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The Esophageal and Airway Treatment (EAT) Program at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital is dedicated to research that improves health care outcomes.

The Johns Hopkins All Children’s EAT program maintains a database to closely track short-term and long-term clinical outcomes. Our program is also helping to develop a national database registry to track and standardize outcomes across the United States.

Additionally, our program is part of a consortium of esophageal referral programs studying the use of magnet-based esophageal growth and anastomosis for cases involving long gap esophageal atresia and severe esophageal strictures. 

The EAT program is led by Jason Smithers, M.D., whose research topics include:

  • Aortopexy
  • Tracheopexy
  • Foker process
  • Jejunal interposition
  • Tracheoesophageal fistula
  • Esophageal strictures
  • Esophageal injury

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