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4 Pillars to a Healthy House

A central strategy to providing evidence-based approaches to healthier lifestyles rests in our “4 Pillars" approach. Though most families understand that diet and exercise are important to a healthier lifestyle, these are only half of the equation to successful weight management. Our team teaches the 4 Pillars to a Healthy Lifestyle and encourages a family-based approach to care whenever possible.

Four pillars to a healthy lifestyle and keeping your house upright!

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Behavioral health (mood, self-image, family dynamics)

Remember your healthy house!

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Healthy eating downloads (PDFs)

9-5-2-1-0-Go! | En Español 
This Smart Choices Guide can help anyone start making changes in areas including diet, activity, sleep, and screen time.

Go. Slow. Whoa! - Food Lists | En Español 
Our gold standard approach to filling up your pantry and refrigerator with healthier foods. Learn the foods that reduce risk for increased weight, prediabetes, diabetes, and cholesterol issues.

The Healthy Steps Weekly Food Journal | En Español
One of the first steps to improving eating behaviors is to take an inventory of what you/your child eat every day. Check out our food journal and give logging a try as a start to healthier eating!

25 Healthy Snacks | En Español
Learn healthy snack options that will satisfy you and your kids without increasing weight risk.

Foods That Fill You Up | En Español
Many of our patient families tells us, “Our child seems to always be hungry! We can’t seem to fill them up!”. Check out our list of foods that we know provide the right nutrients to improve appetite and also provide healthy calories along the way.

Online resource: Healthy Weight Toolkit

Our most comprehensive set of online resources organized by age group. It includes strategies on everything from fun physical activities, strategies for improving sleep routines and more.

Visit the All Children’s Healthy Weight Toolkit

Community wellness programs

From community scavenger hunts to kid-friendly culinary classes, our dieticians and specialists have developed a variety of family and community programs. We also offer school-based programming and tools for other health care providers to identify and support weight management in their own office.

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