Center for Behavioral Health Psychology

The Pediatric Psychology Program at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida, focuses on diagnostic evaluations and therapeutic interventions. Our clinical psychologists assess, diagnose and treat psychological and mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, coping with pain and trauma-induced stress. We address general concerns as well as psychological adjustment to medical conditions such as chronic pain, cancer treatment, adjustment to medical diagnosis, sports-related injuries and diabetes. A licensed doctoral-level psychologist will provide or supervise all services.

Psychological Assessment

We offer comprehensive evaluations focused on differential diagnosis for a variety of childhood conditions, including autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, learning difficulties, disruptive and conduct disorders, among others. Diagnostic evaluations include the following:

  • Review of current concerns and presenting problems
  • Comprehensive developmental history
  • Review of all available records, such as medical and school records
  • Psychological assessment of cognitive, academic, social, communication and adaptive functioning
  • Feedback to explain results and recommendations
  • Families will receive a written report that includes testing results and explanation, and individualized treatment recommendations

Outpatient Psychology Clinic

Our team provides outpatient therapy for a wide variety of presenting concerns at the Outpatient Psychology Clinic. Patients should obtain a referral for services from a Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital care provider, primary care physician, outpatient specialty clinic or other community source. We focus on the delivery of evidence-based services to address a range of diagnoses and presenting concerns including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Adjustment to medical diagnosis
  • Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder
  • Oppositional defiant disorder
  • Other disruptive behaviors

Patients receive treatment individualized to fit their needs, but commonly used evidence-based practices include cognitive behavior therapy, parent training, acceptance and commitment therapy, and interpersonal psychotherapy for adolescents. We also provide individual, family and group psychotherapy.

Inpatient Consultation-Liaison Service

Consultation-Liaison (C/L) Services are available to children and adolescents who are receiving inpatient medical care at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. Referrals are made to the C/L Service by a patient’s primary medical team. Possible presenting concerns include:

  • Adjustment/coping with chronic illness
  • Adjustment to diagnosis
  • Behavior problems
  • Family coping
  • Medical adherence
  • Mental status and safety
  • Quality of life
  • Pain management
  • Trauma
  • Other significant mental health issues

The C/L Service includes the provision of prompt and brief evidence-based interventions that aim to positively impact patient and family coping and adherence during hospitalization and may extend to outpatient care. Licensed doctoral-psychologists and supervised trainees provide patients with behavioral health interventions including brief psychotherapy during inpatient hospitalization, as well as ongoing psychotherapy for patients with longer hospital admissions. The C/L Service collaborates, communicates, and coordinates with all health care providers and specialty teams caring for the hospitalized patient, as well as professionals outside of the hospital (community mental health, school system) to provide comprehensive care for inpatients. 

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Autism Program

The autism program at Johns Hopkins All Children’s provides comprehensive assessment and diagnostic services for children and adolescents with known or suspected autism spectrum disorder.

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