Institute for Brain Protection Sciences Programs and Services

We are one of the few institutes dedicated to treating all aspects of the brain, and are recognized as a Top 50 Neurology and Neurosurgery Program by U.S. News & World Report for 2023-2024. 

Most pediatric hospitals group neurology and neurosurgery together, but we take a more comprehensive approach to brain and central nervous system care. The Institute for Brain Protection Sciences at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida, also includes pediatric specialists from psychiatry, psychology, neuropsychology, rehabilitative, developmental and sports medicine to provide collaborative, high-quality care for our patients in the hospital and through follow-up and rehabilitation.


The pediatric neurology program at Johns Hopkins All Children’s provides care for infants, children and teens with a full range of neurologic problems. Our team works closely with the board-certified pediatric neurosurgeons in the Institute for Brain Protection Sciences to provide specialized care for children who have undergone or may require neurosurgery. Our pediatric neurologists provide extensive diagnostic and treatment services for children with seizure disorders. These include inpatient telemetry, vagal nerve stimulation, ketogenic diet, and ongoing management of anti-seizure medication.


Our pediatric neurosurgery program is the largest in Florida and features world-renowned neurosurgeon George Jallo, M.D. Our team evaluates each case to draw on the experience of a team of full-time neurosurgeons. Our inpatient Surgical Neuroscience Unit has 28 individual patient rooms. For enhanced continuity of care and follow-up, we see patients in our main facility and also at Johns Hopkins All Children's Outpatient Care locations in East Lake, Fort Myers and Tampa.

Pediatric Rehabilitative Medicine

Our pediatric rehabilitation specialists take a comprehensive approach to caring for children with conditions impacting the function of the brain, nerves, muscles, bones and joints. We work as a team with rehabilitation experts and your family to help your child meet the needs of daily life.

Pediatric Developmental Medicine

We assess and manage neuro-developmental and related learning disorders for children from birth to age 15, including comprehensive care for autism spectrum disorder. Our team of experts works together with your family to help children reach developmental milestones and thrive in school and social settings.

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine treats sports injuries in children, adolescents and young adults. Our mission is to provide the highest quality health care through evidence-based research in the treatment, education, and prevention of sports injuries. Our specialists collaborate with cardiology, emergency medicine, neurosurgery, nutrition, orthopaedics, radiology, and sports rehabilitation to meet the needs of each athlete. We offer the only comprehensive sports medicine program in the Tampa Bay area focused solely on the care of young athletes.

Center for Behavioral Health

The Center for Behavioral Health focuses on the mental and emotional health of the child. Our team of pediatric psychiatrists, psychologists and neuropsychologists specialize in the assessment and treatment of children and adolescents who are experiencing changes in brain function due to injury or medical condition or have other mental health concerns.

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