The Role of Women in Johns Hopkins History

Today at Johns Hopkins Medicine, we see the profound influence of women in every aspect of the fields of medicine and science – from the operating room, to the research laboratory, to the executive suite.

Dr. Taussig pictured with Vivien Thomas

The History of Female Medical Students at Johns Hopkins

Learn how women went from being excluded from medical education to becoming an integral part of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Florence Sabin

From Students to Professors

See our tribute to more than 250 female professors at Johns Hopkins, recognizing their important contributions to science and patient care.

Barbara Fivush, Annette Donawa, Mary Myers, Janice Clements, Karen Horton and Tina Cheng

Women in Leadership

Meet the women who are leading Johns Hopkins to the next great era of biomedical discovery, clinical innovation and improved health for all.

group of female Johns Hopkins professors

The Impact of Women at Johns Hopkins

See how the Office of Women in Science and Medicine fosters the academic progress of women faculty through education, advocacy, mentoring and networking.