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Gayle Adams Community Service Grant


Gayle Adams Community Service Grant

Gayle AdamsGayle Adams

The Gayle Adams Community Service Grant was established to honor the service and distinguished career of Gayle Adams, who retired in 2014 after 40 years of service as director of Community Relations at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.

Community service grants will be considered for those organizations in Baltimore whose projects focus on the improvement of the health and wellness of the surrounding community by utilizing innovative and creative responses to community health needs.

Grants for individual projects range from $250 to $1,500. All tax-exempt community organizations, as well as local schools, are eligible to apply.* Up to ten qualified projects a year will be considered for funding. Only one application per organization will be accepted for consideration.

Applications will only be accepted from organizations who are located in the following zipcodes:

  • 21205
  • 21206
  • 21213
  • 21214
  • 21219
  • 21220
  • 21221
  • 21222
  • 21224
  • 21231
  • 21234
  • 21236
  • 21237
  • 21052
  • 21128
  • 21162

*Johns Hopkins Bayview programs are not eligible.

Application Guidelines

The application process includes

  • Completion of a brief form describing the project and the benefit to the community (please keep descriptions to 200 words or less)
  • A primary applicant who is not employed by any Johns Hopkins entity
  • A plan to evaluate success
  • A budget, which can range up to $1,500

Applications are due by June 30, 2022. Awards will be announced by August 31, 2022. Upon selection of projects to be funded, grantees will be sent a Grant Agreement for their signature.

NOTE: All grant recipients will be required to submit a post-grant report within two months of grant completion. The reports will need to describe the project implementation, costs and impact. The projects are expected to be completed within 12 months of award.

For more information, contact Roberta Eyring via email or 410-550-0289.

Grant Criteria

Service grant criteria include:

Potential Benefit

Consider how directly and immediately the community would benefit from this project.


Consider whether this can actually be done by the applicant and whether the time frame and dollars appear to align with the goals; whether there might be any barriers or unintended consequences to implementation; whether the timeline is realistic, the budget is carefully thought out, and if there are enough resources to assist with the project.

Overall Impact

Consider how the implementation of this project might influence the culture of our community and how the project could make a difference.


Consider if the completed project can be sustained and describe how it can be achieved.


Application Form

The application below must be fully completed in order to be reviewed. The grantee will need to submit IRS 990 form and a summary report of the funds expended, and related activities.

Describe the problem/issue you want to improve, the improvement desired and how it will help the community.
How will you evaluate if this project has made a difference? Describe the change or improvement, what method of evaluation will be utilized.
What is your budget for this project? Describe in detail, for example, how much money you need to implement your proposal? What specifically will you use it for? Also describe if the project is solely supported by this grant or is a part of a larger project. If it’s part of a larger project and funded by another source, indicate the total budget and focus of the project, and what part of the project this particular grant would fund.
What is the plan for sustaining the change accomplished as a result of this project/initiative?
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