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Richard Rothman, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Rothman
  • Professor
  • Vice Chair of Research
  • Director, Research Fellowship
  • Director, Residency Research


Cornell (M.D., 1993)
University of California (PhD, 1989)


Johns Hopkins University, EM (1996)


Johns Hopkins University, Assistant Chief of Service (1998)
Johns Hopkins University, Research Fellowship (1998)


Dr. Rothman has been on faculty at Johns Hopkins since 1996, when he joined as Assistant Chief of Service. He was promoted in 2012 to Professor and Vice Chair of Research for the Department of Emergency Medicine. He also serves as the Research Fellowship Director and Director of Research for the Residency Program. He also hold a joint appointment in The Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases.

Dr. Rothman’s research program focuses on the interface of emergency/episodic care and infectious disease surveillance, diagnosis and treatment.  His research include studies on varied infectious diseases including HIV/STDs, pneumonia,  meningitis, SSTIs and influenza; he also conducts research on development/translation of rapid novel diagnostics for infectious disease detection.  Dr. Rothman inter-disciplinary research program includes investigators from emergency medicine, microbiology, infectious disease, and public health. 

Dr. Rothman has been continuously funded from federal grants with prior awards since 1996. He has served as PI for the Diagnostics Program for the NIAID Mid Atlantic Research Center for Excellence in Biodefense and Emerging Infections and lead on Program Project from The Department of Homeland Security Grant on Disaster Preparedness and Response, focusing on evaluation of diagnostic methods for hospitals for emerging and biothreat events. He founded the ED National Consortium for HIV Testing in 2007 with colleagues from Denver and University of Cincinnati, and is active in implementation research in this arena with funding from NIH. Currently he serves as Co-PI on a Multi-Center Study for HHS (BARDA) developing new approaches for rapid influenza surveillance diagnosis and treatment, and Director (Co) of the Johns Hopkins Center for Excellence for Influenza Research and Surveillance, funded by NIAID.  Dr. Rothman also holds a multi-patent portfolio in molecular diagnostics.

Research Programs

Dr. Rothman has more than 20 years of experience in the design, conduct and analysis of clinical and translational research at Johns Hopkins and has mentored numerous pre and post-doctoral fellow, including seven prior K awardees, and all of whom have gone on to faculty position at major academic medical centers.

As the Vice-Chair for Research, Dr. Rothman oversees The Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine Research Center. The Center has 15 full-time faculty with researcher programs, a full time administrator, two support staff, a full time program manager, six full time research coordinators, a full time programmer, an IT programmer, a biostatistician and 10 research assistants. More than one- third of the core faculty members (which includes both clinical investigators and Ph.D. collaborators) have major programs that are funded through competitive federal grants (NIH/AHRQ/CDC). The Center administrative infrastructure and offices at Johns Hopkins occupy approximately 10,000 square feet for where Dr. Rothman and his staff have dedicated research offices.


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Recent Grants

NIAID (Rothman /Pekosz)                 
Johns Hopkins Center of Excellence for Influenza Research and Surveillance
The overarching objective of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Excellence in Influenza Research and Surveillance (JH-CEIRS) is to improve the ability of the medical and public health infrastructure to respond to influenza pandemics. 

BARDA/HHS (Rothman/Dugas)                                                                                                 
Influenza Diagnosis, Treatment, and Surveillance with Xpert Flu
Multicenter study evaluating the utility of integrating rapid influenza testing into the emergency department, and evaluating a corresponding real-time laboratory-based surveillance system.

NIAID (Haukoos/Rothman – site PI) 
The purpose of this proposal is to evaluate alternative models for HIV screening in emergency department setting.

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