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Patient Care

Patient Care

Our innovations in cancer treatment, neurosurgery, transplants, patient safety and more give hope to patients around the world.

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Our findings in areas ranging from the genetic links of disease to the uses of medical devices point the way to care and cure.

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We revolutionized the study of medicine at our founding. We’re reimagining the medical curriculum for the 21st century.

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Startup Looks to Ultrasound to Detect Postsurgical Blood Clots

Blood clots develop after almost 15 percent of soft tissue transplant surgeries, threatening the delicate new tissue and requiring invasive follow-up procedures. But a Johns Hopkins startup company has a solution. Find out how it's using ultrasound to detect clots as they form.

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The Promise of Medicine: Stories of Innovation, Collaboration and Hope

Pediatric Cataracts: Diagnosis, Treatment and Future Implications

Pediatric ophthalmologist Courtney Kraus discusses cataracts in children and explains some of the treatment challenges.

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Hereditary Pancreatic Cancer | Q&A

Pathologist Michael Goggins answers questions about hereditary pancreatic cancer and the benefit of screening for early detection.

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