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Keratoconus is an eye disease that affects the structure of the cornea, the clear front part of the eye, which usually thins and bulges into an irregular, cone shape, resulting in vision loss. Keratoconus usually begins at puberty and progresses into the mid-thirties, with earliest symptoms being a slight blurring of vision or progressively poor vision that is not easily corrected.

Keratoconus Treatment: Why Choose Wilmer Eye Institute

  • Our renowned experts are leading the way in the diagnosis, treatment, and research of keratoconus and other corneal and external eye diseases.
  • The Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute is among the very first ophthalmology centers in the United States to offer corneal cross-linking, a minimally-invasive, cutting-edge therapy to preserve quality of vision for keratoconus patients.
  • In addition to our main location at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, you can be seen by one of our experts at seven satellite locations across central Maryland.

Our Keratoconus Team

Our Keratoconus Treatments

Our Keratoconus Research

Although keratoconus has been studied for decades, it remains poorly understood. Our experts are actively engaged in research to determine the cellular causes of keratoconus, and cell-based approaches for corneal transplantation.

Learn more about our keratoconus research.

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