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Wilmer Eye Institute Residency Wilmer residents participate in lab research

Why Apply to Wilmer's Residency Program?

As a Wilmer resident, you will be mentored by a dedicated faculty of over 100 experts. Our program consistently ranks among the top in the nation by Ophthalmology Times and U.S. News and World Report. Learn more below about the pillars of the program:

  • Culture

    An environment that fosters learning and personal bonds that last a lifetime.

    Wilmer residents having dinner
  • Leadership

    Mentorship from internationally recognized and award-winning faculty.

    sheila west and meraf wolle
  • Training

    Hands-on training at exceptional Johns Hopkins facilities with access to a robust and diverse patient population.

    Clinical training with a patient
  • Research

    A commitment to research opportunities as the number one ophthalmic program in NIH grant funding.

    research conducted at Wilmer's OPHset

Get to Know the Graduates

As our 2022 grads prepare for the next chapter in their careers, we asked them to share with us what they learned, where they’re headed and the lessons they’ll take with them when they go.
The Wilmer graduating class of 2022 stands with Dr. Peter McDonnell.

Words From Our Residents

"The Wilmer Eye Institute's drive for excellence in the three pillars of academia creates an intellectually stimulating atmosphere that motivates all trainees. Throughout residency, I have been given the tools and guidance to hopefully one day follow the footsteps of the incredible clinician scientists affiliated with this institution."
- Kapil Mishra, Class of 2020
Wilmer resident Kapil Mishra

Words From Our Residents

"What stands out about Wilmer is that each team member - from the physicians and researchers, to the engineers, social workers, nurses, photographers, administrators and technicians - is so wholeheartedly dedicated to helping patients. As a resident, you get to be at the center of this amazing machine, making it a truly exceptional place to learn to be an ophthalmologist."
- Meleha Ahmad, Class of 2021
Wilmer resident Meleha Ahmad

Words From Our Residents

"I feel very fortunate to train at a place that provides world-class and compassionate care for patients with the most complex ophthalmic conditions, while also contributing towards furthering the field in such a meaningful way."
- Karun Arora, Class of 2021
Wilmer Resident Karun Arora

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