Edward McFarland M.D., explains how Reverse Shoulder Replacement works and what conditions warrant it.

Dr. Edward McFarland explains a reverse total shoulder replacement as a complex procedure that is warranted by certain conditions. The major difference between a standard shoulder replacement and a reverse procedure is that in a reverse shoulder replacement the ball and socket parts of the shoulder joint switch sides. This means their natural position is reversed. Call to request an appointment with one of our shoulder experts if you have shoulder problems that may require shoulder replacement at 443-997-2663 (BONE) or visit hopkinsmedicine.org/ortho #shouldersurgery #JohnsHopkinsOrthopaedics FAQs 0:02 What is a shoulder replacement? 1:29 How does a standard shoulder replacement differ from a reverse shoulder replacement. 2:26 Why would one choose a reverse shoulder replacement? 4:24 What does recovery after reverse shoulder surgery look like? 5:41 If I had a failed shoulder replacement surgery in the past, can another shoulder replacement surgery be done to improve it?