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Patient Stories

Meet patients that have undergone organ transplants at the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Transplant Center and learn what you can expect.

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Dylan Matthews

Dylan Matthews - Living Kidney Donor

Two weeks after his surgery, Dylan was back at work. His reach as a donor has continued beyond the transplant chain he started, thanks to his platform as a reporter and his commitment to sharing his experience and advocating for organ donation.

Clyde Beard returns to give thanks to the people who saved his life.

Clyde Beard - Liver Transplant

Thankful for surviving a liver transplant in 2008, Clyde Beard returns to the hospital each year to serve a holiday feast.

Megan Cregger had a heart transplant.

Megan Cregger - Heart Transplant

Born with a congenital heart defect, Megan Cregger was 24 when she had a heart transplant. Just a few weeks later, she was climbing stairs.

Bill Cooke's emphysema caused him to need a lung transplant.

Bill Cooke - Lung Transplant

His emphysema became so severe, Bill Cooke felt he had no other choice than to have a lung transplant. Now, he can do almost anything he wishes.

Dan Lineberger required a liver transplant.

Dan Lineberger - Liver Transplant

Within five weeks, Dan Lineberger went from being completely healthy to needing a liver transplant - all because of a dietary supplement.

Pamela Paulk donated one of her kidneys.

Pamela Paulk - Living Kidney Donor

When a Johns Hopkins employee needed a kidney, the Vice President of Human Resources at Johns Hopkins donated one of hers, starting a chain of donations that ultimately saved many lives.

Sam Tiemann had a liver transplant at a young age.

Sam Tiemann - Pediatric Liver Transplant

Born with biliary atresia, Sam came to Johns Hopkins for a liver transplant when he was seven years old. His aunt was his living liver donor.

Antara Desai - Heart-Lung Transplant

After years of battling with tumors, chemotherapy, and infections, a heart-lung transplant save Antara Desai’s life.

Living Kidney Donor

When an employee at the Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland decided to become a live kidney donor, she kept a blog about her experience at Johns Hopkins.

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