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Patient Information

Transplant Information & Resources

Learn more information about transplant surgery at Johns Hopkins and view patient resources.

  • International Patient Care

    Johns Hopkins Medicine International helps patients from outside of the U.S. navigate Johns Hopkins' world-class medical care.

    transplant patient information - asian woman in wheelchair being released from hospital
  • Live Donor Champion Program

    Candidates for live donor kidney transplant attend classes with their designated "Champion." Together, they learn how to find a kidney donor.

    transplant patient information - couple holding hands talking to doctor
  • Out-of-State Patient Care

    Johns Hopkins USA’s medical concierges are specially trained to guide out-of-state guests through the care they need in Baltimore.

    transplant patient information - woman in wheelchair smiling at nurse
  • Patient Resources

    A listing of Johns Hopkins resources and external resources for transplant patients and their families.

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  • Patient Stories

    Transplant recipients and donors share their experiences at the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Transplant Center.

    transplant patient information - Jane, a living liver donor
  • Preparing for Transplant Surgery

    Learn what to expect before, during and after your transplant procedure at Johns Hopkins.

    transplant patient information - comforting doctor touching patient's shoulder
  • Transplant in Johns Hopkins Health

    Learn more about transplantation by reading articles written by specialists at Johns Hopkins.

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Appointments and Referrals


Our Programs

Learn more about the transplant programs we provide patients at The Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Transplant Center.

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