Double Arm Transplant Recipient: Brendan Marrocco

Arm transplant recipient Brendan M. Marrocco

In December 2012, a surgical team led by Johns Hopkins doctors Jaimie Shores, M.D. and Gerald Brandacher, M.D., and other Johns Hopkins physicians performed The Johns Hopkins Hospital’s first bilateral arm transplant, together with an innovative treatment to prevent rejection of the new limbs.

The patient, Brendan M. Marrocco, a 26-year-old infantryman, lost all four limbs in a 2009 roadside bomb attack in Iraq. Marrocco received a transplant of two arms from a deceased donor, becoming one of only seven people in the United States who have undergone successful double hand transplants. Marrocco and his surgeons spoke at press conference at The Johns Hopkins Hospital on January 29, 2013.

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Watch the highlights from the Johns Hopkins Double Arm Transplant Press Conference on January 29, 2013.

Media Question and Answer Session

Our specialists address media questions at Johns Hopkins Double Arm Transplant Press Conference.

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