World-Class Care Comprehensive Hernia Center

The Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Hernia Center offers world-class hernia repair procedures in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. areas. Our multidisciplinary group of hernia specialists uses a wide variety of surgical techniques to provide individualized care for our patients, including referral patients whose complicated conditions cannot be treated elsewhere.

Why Choose Johns Hopkins for Hernia Care?

Find out what sets our clinic apart.

Multidisciplinary Team

We combine our specialized knowledge with expertise from other disciplines, such as internists, wound specialists and plastic surgeons, to provide input and help us maintain safe, comprehensive care.

Individualized Care

Depending on the type and severity, hernias can be a mild irritation or a life-threatening condition requiring emergency surgery. We understand that each case is individual and offer a range of surgical options, including minimally invasive and robotic procedures.

Commitment to Excellence

We carefully monitor our work to constantly improve the care we provide, and ensure that we continue to be respectful and responsive to each patient’s values and needs.

Conditions We Treat

Hernias generally share the same general characteristic: a weakness or gap in the muscle layer that can allow tissue normally contained by the muscles to push through. Our guide will help you identify a hernia, whether it could be dangerous and when to contact a physician, as well as provide you with more information about specific types of hernias.

If you experience any of the above symptoms of a strangulated hernia, contact your primary care provider as soon as symptoms occur. If you cannot contact your primary care provider, go to the closest emergency room.

Learn More About Hernias

Repairing a Hernia with Surgery

Hiatal Hernia Repair FAQ

Ventral Hernia Repair

What to Expect from Your Hernia Surgery

We want to make sure you’re prepared for your procedure. This guide will help you along the way.

Preparing for Surgery

Treatment Options

After Surgery


The Comprehensive Hernia Center has clinics at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center and Sibley Memorial Hospital.

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

4940 Eastern Ave
Baltimore, MD 21224

exterior of Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center

601 N. Caroline St
Baltimore, MD 21287

exterior of the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center

Sibley Memorial Hospital

5255 Loughboro Rd, NW
Washington, DC 20016

exterior of Sibley Memorial Hospital