Our Priorities

Suburban Hospital has counted on the support of our donors to propel our clinical environment forward for more than 78 years. Embracing and investing in Suburban’s many priorities is key to enabling us to provide the quality and complex care that our community needs.

Cardiovascular Care

Suburban Hospital’s highly skilled cardiac surgeons and interventional cardiologists use state-of-the-art technologies to rapidly advance minimally invasive approaches for heart disease and structural heart disorders. These surgical advancements take place in 14 spacious, new operating rooms in Suburban’s 300,000 square foot North Building, which opened in 2020 as part of the hospital’s campus transformation project. A new hybrid OR that combines a traditional operating room with an interventional suite allows flexibility of treatment based on the needs of each patient. With support from generous donors, the hospital has become a pioneer in providing world-class cardiac care in a convenient, community setting.

Nursing Excellence

Patients receive care from nurses more than any other type of healthcare provider. At Suburban Hospital, nursing is the cornerstone of our healing environment and we constantly strive to exceed our patients’ expectations. Suburban’s nurses are guided by a set of principles that emphasize professional, evidence-based, innovative and compassionate care. Our nurses are dedicated to ongoing learning while building partnerships and increasing dialogue among all staff – clinical and non-clinical. Each day, with their steadfast dedication to patients, colleagues and each other, our nursing team demonstrate the values that make us “Suburban Strong!”.

Emergency Department/Trauma

More than 45,000 members of our community turn to Suburban Hospital each year for emergency care, in addition to 1,500 trauma patients who arrive by ambulance or medevac helicopter. As Montgomery County’s only state-designated regional trauma center, Suburban Hospital is equipped to provide superior clinical resources to all emergency patients. Each patient receives expert, personalized care in a high-tech facility from an experienced, multidisciplinary team. Suburban recently began the planning design phase for a comprehensive expansion and reconfiguration of the Emergency Department to better serve the increasing number of critically ill and injured people who seek care each year.

Behavioral Health

The incidence of mental health and substance use disorders among both adults and youth has grown exponentially across the nation – an unfortunate trend that began well before COVID-19 became a household word. More recently, the heightened fears, isolation and stress brought on by the pandemic, together with delayed medical care and disruption of outpatient services and day treatment programs, have exacerbated the mental health crisis. With a strategy focused on providing a seamless continuum of care throughout the system, Suburban Hospital will continue to innovate treatment for mental health and substance use disorders, guided by the twin goals of supporting patients and families and strengthening our community. 

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