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Discharge Planning and Transitional Care

What Happens When Leaving the Hospital?

Hospitalist Transitional Care Planning

Your hospitalist will help create an After Visit Summary (AVS), also known as your discharge information, that you will be able to take home. It will include:

  • A list of your medical conditions that we treated while you were in the hospital;
  • A new list of medications that you should be taking, which ones we have changed, and which ones you should stop; and
  • A list of which physicians you should follow-up with, and when.

Your prescriptions can be electronically prescribed and sent to your pharmacy for your convenience or we can provide written prescriptions if you wish. We cannot prescribe narcotics electronically.

If you need a refill of a prescription we prescribed, you will need to contact your primary care physician or specialist.

Whom Should I Contact for Medical Questions After Discharge?

Our hospitalists provide patient care while you are at Suburban. After you leave the hospital, contact your primary care physician or specialists if you have any questions about your care. Remember, after you leave the hospital, we want you to see your primary care physician or specialist for follow-up within one week to be sure you continue to improve.  

How Can I Reach the Hospitalist Program If Needed After Discharge?

Please call the unit that discharged you (which is listed at the top of your AVS) or 301-896-7500 for further assistance.

How Can I Get a Copy of My Test Results From My Hospital Stay?

We can provide copies of some of your radiology and lab reports.

The last page of your After Visit Summary (AVS) gives you information about how to open your online MyChart account. This is your electronic health record. You will be able to see some test results and your AVS after you set up your online account. 

If you wish to have a copy of your complete hospital record, please contact the medical records office at 301-896-3777 for assistance.

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