Nursing at Suburban Hospital

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Suburban Hospital, a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine, has achieved Magnet designation in recognition of its nursing excellence. Our nurses lead superior patient care and champion innovations that have made the practice environment safer for patients and staff. The connections and partnerships our nurses forge with physicians, fellow nurses, other support staff, generous donors, and patients and their family members helps Suburban Hospital elevate the patient experience and excel in safety, quality and patient care. 

Read more about nursing at Suburban Hospital in the 2021-2022 Sondra D. Bender Nursing Report.

Nursing Excellence is Our Standard

It is achieved through a commitment to professional nursing and dedication to superior patient care. Nurses at Suburban Hospital provide the highest level of care by applying evidence-based best practices, collaboration, compassion and integrity. Our staff of more than 600 nurses are constantly learning, mentoring and seeking to apply the most recent clinical innovations in all areas of the hospital. Our hospital is committed to helping current staff access necessary training. NPs have masters or doctorate degrees, and Suburban provides tuition reimbursement as well as flexible scheduling to allow nurses to attend classes and required clinical rotations while working full time.

Nursing Practice Model

As an integral part of the care team, our nurses have a wide range of clinical choices including:

  • Adult Medical/Surgical
  • Behavioral Health
  • Progressive Care Unit
  • Cardiothoracic Open Heart Recovery
  • Clinical Decision Unit
  • Emergency Services
  • Intensive Care
  • Operating Room
  • Ortho/Neuro
  • PACU
  • And many more

Our nurses are encouraged to participate in the nursing governance structure and they are provided with professional development opportunities, mentorship and exposure to the latest clinical innovations.

The work of nurse practitioners is especially important and valued within the Suburban care community.

Guiding Principles

Nurses at Suburban Hospital follow six principles that guide them in their work at the bedside, in the OR, in the field, as educators and wherever they serve patients.

Download the Nursing Practice Model PDF

Who are nurse practitioners?

A group of Suburban Hospital nurses

Nurse Practitioners (usually referred to as "NPs") are nursing professionals working in a number of different areas who have obtained specialized training and have been credentialed to provide expanded practice. Their work often overlaps with that of physicians, nurses and other medical staff; NPs can provide diagnoses, order and perform evaluations and diagnostic tests, and provide treatments (including prescribing medicines). But rather than replacing others in the organization, the NP supplements the work of more traditional providers and creates a more fluid experience for patients.

Because nurse practitioners have such a wide range of expertise, they are able to work across the hospital, bridge gaps between care providers, and fill multiple roles to give patients quick and effective care. NPs also use their wide range of knowledge to help patients with larger health issues and symptom management in the same way that a physician does -- testing and diagnosing problems, making recommendations for lifestyle changes to address the core problems, and prescribing treatments to improve symptoms. NPs often play a key role in patient safety efforts: reading charts, identifying potential issues, coordinating with RNs, anesthesiologists and primary care doctors in their work, and coordinating all aspects of patient care. 

Awards & Recognition

Suburban Hospital's Intensive Care Unit recently received the Beacon Award for Critical Care Excellence from the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN). The award recognizes the top critical care units in hospitals nationwide. 

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