Research and Clinical Trials


For more than three decades, Johns Hopkins has been involved in clinical research related to addictive disorders. Building on this foundation, our investigators continue to conduct research across all classes of abused substances, including alcohol, amphetamines, caffeine, cannabis, cocaine, hallucinogens, nicotine, opioids, sedative/hypnotics such as benzodiazepines, and other stimulant drugs. 

We test the efficacy and safety of new and existing medications as well as new non-pharmacological treatments that can help patients who suffer from substance use disorders. Some of our research projects look at the treatment of co-occurring psychiatric conditions in persons with substance use disorders and at how new applications of technology can help persons with their addictions.

We are also able to do clinical research projects to address medication abuse liability, pharmacokinetics, and drug interactions. Projects are often funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH) but work is also done for pharmaceutical companies or with the support of private foundations. 

Reasearch Teamwork

Here are our current research groups, some of whom combine clinical care with their research:

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