Types of CPE Programs

Educational Calendar

Part-Time Extended Internship

  Start Date End Date
Spring 2024 JHBMC 3/18/24 8/9/24      
Fall 2024 JHBMC 8/19/24 3/7/25
Fall 2024 JHH 10/24/24 4/17/25

Summer Intensive Internship 

The Johns Hopkins Academic Division will not offer a Summer Intensive Internship program in 2024.

  Application Deadline Start Date End Date
Summer 2024  N/A N/A              N/A             

CPE Residency

The Johns Hopkins Academic Division CPE Residency program has a rolling admissions process and accepts applications year round. We encourage candidates to submit their application no later than Feb 1 for the year they would like to be considered.

  Start Date End Date
2024-2025 CPE Residency 8/19/24      8/22/25