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Disbursement Process

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Scholarships, loans, and Dean’s support funding for each student will be credited directly to the student’s billing account in two equal installments. If the financial aid award exceeds the cost of tuition and fees, the student will be issued a refund for the difference. Refunds are sent to student's Bank Mobile accounts. Disbursement dates are indicated below. Students eligible for a refund should allow 3 to 4 business days from the date of disbursement to allow for processing.

Using Federal Financial Aid to Purchase Books and Supplies

If your financial aid file is complete (all documents and outstanding requirements were submitted on or before our published deadlines) and you are entitled to a refund of excess federal student aid funds, you should receive your refund in time to buy required books and supplies during the first week of a term. Students enrolled in modules and/or courses that do not begin within seven days of the start of the term may not receive their aid until they actually begin class. To ensure timely receipt of your refund, be sure to choose the method to receive your refund as soon as possible. If your refund is delayed, contact the Office of Student Financial Services about obtaining emergency funds to purchase required books and supplies for the term.

2020-2021 Disbursement Dates

The disbursement schedules are based on the student budget duration of 9, 10 or 12 months.  These scheduled dates are developed based on the academic calendar published by the Registrar's Office.

Medical Students

August 11, 2020January 20, 2021

Ph.D. & M.S. Students

September 1, 2020January 13, 2021

Medical and Biological Illustration Students - M.A.-Art

August 5, 2020 (Year 1)
September 1, 2020 (Year 2)
January 13, 2021
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