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Medical Students

Tuition at Hopkins is highly competitive with other private schools. In determining financial aid, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has two primary aims: to keep borrowing levels relatively uniform among students, and to ensure that scholarship funds go to those from the neediest backgrounds.

The Process

All federal and institutional awards administered through the Financial Aid Office are based on demonstrated financial need. To determine financial need, students are required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for federal funding and the CSS Profile application for institutional scholarship funding (parental information required). It is the intent of the Financial Aid Office to award these funds in an equitable and consistent manner.

Students are required to complete the FAFSA application process each year. Continuing students will not be required to complete the CSS Profile application after the first year. Therefore, students are encouraged to complete the application process in a timely manner to ensure early determination of funding eligibility.

Award Package

Students who qualify are awarded both scholarship and loan as part of their award package. Students are eligible to request additional loan funds if needed.

Financial Aid Application Instructions: Medical Student (PDF)

What Determines Federal Fund Eligibility?

Students are considered independent for federal student aid, which includes student loans and work-study. The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine participates in the Direct Loan William D. Ford Unsubsidized student loan program, the Federal Direct Grad Plus Program and the Federal Work-study Program.  Only the income of the student and/ or spouse is considered in determining financial need.  You must be a United States citizen or permanent resident to apply for Federal Financial Aid.

Students must follow this process each year:

What Determines Scholarship Eligibility?

Although students are considered independent for the federal aid programs, parental information is required for scholarship consideration regardless of age or marital status.

New students must follow this process once in their first year:

  • Complete the CSS Profile Application
  • Provide prior year parental federal tax returns and W2 forms submitted through IDOC
  • Parent non-tax filing form (if applicable)
  • Complete Sibling/Spouse Enrollment Verification (if applicable)

Students who do not complete the CSS Profile application but have completed the FAFSA will be considered for federal and institutional loan eligibility only.

Are you eligible for financial aid?

All students applying to the School of Medicine may apply for financial aid assistance. However, students must meet certain citizenship requirements, be in good academic standing, and complete all required application forms for consideration of aid.


How is the Award Package Determined?

First, student and family contributions are calculated based on completion of the FAFSA and CSS Profile applications. Each student is then assigned a Cost of Attendance (COA) budget. The calculated family contribution is subtracted from the budget to determine the student’s “unmet need. The Financial Aid Office will then award the student, through a combination of federal and institutional program funds, to meet the unmet financial need.

Thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends, Hopkins can turn to more than 250 individual scholarship and loan funds in preparing packages that help students eager to attend The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine turn their dream into a reality.

Prospective Student

You must be a United States citizen or permanent resident to apply for federal financial aid at The School of Medicine. Please refer to the application/instructions for the academic year for which you are applying for financial aid.

Students may complete the FAFSA and CSS Profile applications beginning October 1.

Note: Information from the parent and/or student federal tax returns is required to complete the CSS Profile application.

In addition to completing the FAFSA and CSS Profile application to determine aid eligibility, first time students are required to complete a Online Loan Entrance Counseling session and a Federal Direct Loan Master Promissory Note before any federal loan funds are disbursed.

Maryland State residents may complete the Maryland Graduate/Professional Scholarship Application for consideration of this scholarship award offered through the Financial Aid Office on behalf of the State Scholarship Administration.

Use the checklist below for completing all requirements:

Continuing Student

You must be a United States citizen,  permanent resident or other eligible non-citizen to apply for federal financial aid at The School of Medicine.  Students must apply for federal financial aid  each year.

Students may complete the FAFSA applications beginning October 1.

Applications for consideration of the Maryland Graduate/Professional Scholarship are submitted to the Financial Aid Office on behalf of the State Scholarship Administration.

Medical Students: Non-U.S. Residents

Financial aid funding is available to all current and newly admitted Non-US resident medical students. Financial aid assistance will be provided in the form of institutional scholarship. Students may also apply for private loan financing through ELM Select.

To assist medical students from outside the United States to study at Johns Hopkins, Johns Hopkins Medicine International has provided funding to create the JHM International Scholarship Program. Its aim is to help nurture the next generation of health care leaders, in addition to help reduce the financial burden that non-US resident student’s may face when trying to attain medical education funding.

Details on Applying

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