For Residents and Fellows

A resident works in the lab.

All physicians in residency or clinical fellowships are invited to join the physician scientist training program and subscribe to our ListServ to receive announcements about special events.

We encourage applications to the JHUSOM Physician Scientist Training Program. Exact submission deadlines to be specified.

Up to twenty-four physician scientists will be recognized as Scholars for each academic year. Admission will be competitive, prioritizing those with strong laboratory research accomplishments and commitments to careers as investigators in academic medicine.

Scholars will have access to small group activities related to scientific development and career mentoring, as well as support for travel to scientific meetings and small, laboratory-based projects.

Please send your Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Biosketch to [email protected], by the specified deadline.

Include a brief cover letter indicating:

  1. Your Post-Graduate Year (PGY)
  2. Current clinical department
  3. Long term research interests

Also, indicate which basic science department(s) or Center(s) at JHUSOM are closest to your interests and expertise.