Choosing a Residency Program

Residency Planning

Research Programs

Review information about hospitals and particular programs that you are interested in to find out more about their requirements and deadlines. Many programs send brochures or have web pages with information for prospective applicants. Another source of information is the Graduate Medical Education Directory (“Green Book”). An online version of the Green Book known as FREIDA is available online.

It is your responsibility to determine each residency program’s application procedures and to meet all eligibility requirements and deadlines of the programs you select.


Residency application photos should be in business attire. Please avoid having anything in the background. The photo specs are: 2 ½ x 3 ½ inches with a 350 dpi. The Office of Medical Student Affairs strongly recommends that you provide a professional photo for your application. Professional photos can be obtained from Path Photo at Johns Hopkins for a nominal fee. For more information about Path Photo, please visit their website or contact their office at (410)-955-3843.


In February of your third year (based on academic year), please take some time to review your medical student transcript to make sure all of your current grades are listed. If you are missing something, you should work with the Registrar’s Office to obtain your missing grades. Effective July 1, 2020, medical students will not be permitted retroactive credit for electives.

In early to mid-September of your fourth year (based on academic year), your transcript will be upload to the ERAS system as well as other residency application programs. Each medical student will approve a student copy of their transcript before the transcript is uploaded.

Letters of Recommendation

MSPE/Deans Letter

The Office of Medical Student Affairs will contact you in April/May of your third year (based on academic year) to find out what specialty you plan to apply to for the residency application process. Once this information is collected, the deans will determine whom will be writing your deans letter (MSPE). You will then be contacted by the Office of Medical Student Affairs to set up a time to meet with the dean that is writing your letter. More details will be provided at the information session (typically in late January or early February of your third year – based on academic year).

For more information, please visit:

Support Services and Residency Advising

More Information

For more details about the information listed above, please review the Residency Application Presentation. 

See a list of residency programs at the School of Medicine.

If you have a specific question for the Office of Medical Student Affairs about the residency application process, please email [email protected].