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Class Statistics

The 70 women and 50 men of the 2023 entering class have performed at a high level academically and scored in the top few percentiles on standardized tests. And while the fact that the majority of students majored in science as undergraduates might come as no surprise, the fact that 17% of the class had a major other than science just might. They have distinguished themselves further by demonstrating leadership qualities, a commitment to service, a passion for medicine and a range of additional personal qualities that are indicative of successful students and physicians.

With an admit rate of 3.9%, it is easy to understand why the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine is sometimes viewed from the outside as highly competitive. However, the 120 newest members of our community are discovering right now that the competition ended with their admission. Once inside, students experience a welcoming and collaborative atmosphere where individual passions are encouraged and one another’s successes are celebrated.

The Path to Admission

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​AMCAS Applicants
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​Secondary Applicants
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​M.D. Interviews
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​M.D./Ph.D. Interviews
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Class of 2023 Profile

70 Women

50 Men

21% Underrepresented in Medicine Students

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