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Student Life

Graduate Student Life Graduate students working together in the lab

More than 800 students are enrolled in school of medicine graduate programs. In addition, there are 480 medical students and 1,400 public health students in the adjacent school of public health, which offers Ph.D., M.P.H. and combined degree programs.

Getting involved with Johns Hopkins University graduate student life activities provide opportunities for students to network with peers and staff, promote wellness and further their education.


Student Help and Resources

The health and wellness of students are of utmost importance to us here at Johns Hopkins. Our graduate biomedical programs value and are fully committed to supporting student well-being. While you are learning and training here with us, our mission is to enrich your experience, help you thrive professionally and personally, and promote an environment that supports your health and well-being.

If you need help please refer to our list of Johns Hopkins and community resources:


Graduate Student Groups

Graduate student groups offer opportunities for students to network with peers and administration. For information on additional Graduate Student Groups, please review the most up-to-date GSA's student group list.

  • School of medicine students can join the Graduate Student Association. The GSA’s primary purpose is to act as a liaison between the graduate student body and the school of medicine administration. We communicate the student body’s wishes and needs to the faculty and administration while conveying institutional ideals and standards to students. Currently, we have an M.A./Ph.D. committee and Student Assistance Program committee, and we hold graduation meetings and meetings concerning health care. In addition, we organize many social events and lectures throughout the year and fund travel awards and recognized student groups. Our goal is to educate and unite the graduate student.


From the Biomedical Odyssey Blog

This blog is written and edited by our students, residents, postdocs and fellows. They share stories about daily life in the classroom, their experiences with residency, research they're working on, the best parts about living in Baltimore and tips for future medical students and researchers.

Baltimore harbor

Experience Baltimore

Called “Charm City” for a reason, Baltimore is a place that has a little something for everybody. Baltimore is a spirited city – a unique blend of historic charm, cultural heritage and urban vitality. With hanging out at the Inner Harbor, attending neighborhood festivals, biking to school and more, Johns Hopkins medical students, graduate students and residents have a lot to love about Baltimore.

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