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Partnering Toward Discovery

Ph.D. and M.D. students mingle during the inaugural Partnering Toward Discovery event

Partnering Toward Discovery is a networking lecture series organized by a group of graduate and medical students with the help of Dr. Roy Ziegelstein, the Vice Dean for Education at the Johns Hopkins. The series is intended to bring the clinical and research communities at Johns Hopkins and showcases how scientists and clinicians are working together to advance our understanding of and develop new treatments for disease. It exposes attendees to topics of broad interest, in the form of presentations that are understandable by both communities. The atmosphere allows for the discussion of topics of great relevance to those involved in research and clinical care in an informal social setting, with refreshments provided and often over 150 medical students, graduate students, researchers, and faculty in attendance.

partnering towards discovery event

Upcoming Events

  • 4/15/20 - Speaker TBD
  • 5/27 or 5/28/20- Speaker TBD

Past Events

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Partnering Toward Discovery

Graduate and medical students at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine meet and discuss potential research collaborations during the inaugural "Partnering Toward Discovery" seminar on HIV.

Roy Ziegelstein on chocolate, peanut butter and collaborations

Roy Ziegelstein, the Vice Dean for Education at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, explains the new seminar series "Partnering Towards Discovery."

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