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Helpful documents and weblinks by topic below. 

What's New?

New Tip Sheets! We have new tip sheets to share with you:

New IRB approved handout for research participants about the Maryland Outpatient Facility Fee Notice

Research Lab Orders in Epic & Billing explains the importance of linking lab orders to the research study and what happens when labs are drawn in error.

If you have any questions about how research fees work, this Understanding Research Fees and Statements tip sheet is for you!

Research Billing Buzz 

A Newsletter of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Office of Clinical Research Billing Compliance (CRBC)

CRBC shares with our stakeholders important and timely information related to our shared effort to ensure timely, compliant billing for research services.

The most recent issue and all past issues are available below to read and share.

Clinical Research Billing Compliance Resources

Clinical Research Financial Clearance

Additional Resources

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