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Meet Our Fellows

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Breast Imaging 

  • Rinal Goel, MD

    Rinal Goel headshot
  • Orli Haken, MD

    Orli Haken headshot

Cardiothoracic Imaging Fellow

Dilek Oncel, MD

Dilek Oncel headshot

Cross-Sectional Body Imaging

  • Fatema Bhinderwala, MD

    Fatema Bhinderwala, MD
  • Neha Doshi, MD

    Neha Doshi, MD
  • Aws Kamona, MD

    Aws Kamona, MD
  • James Kochkodan, MD

    James Kochkodan, MD
  • Stephen Kwak, MD

    Stephen Kwak, MD
  • Raymond McDermott, MD

    Raymond McDermott, MD
  • Maria Montano, MD

    Maria Montano, MD
  • Ritesh Patel, MD

    Ritesh Patel, MD
  • Jean-Christophe Roy, MD

    Jean-Christophe Roy, MD
  • Moayad Tarboush, MD

    Moayad Tarboush, MD
  • Pritee Taxak, MD

    Pritee Taxak, MD
  • Walter Villalobos, MD

    Walter Villalobos, MD

Interventional Neuroradiology

Brian Cristiano, MD

Brian Cristiano, MD

MRI Body Imaging

  • Christopher Tan, MD

    Christopher Tan headshot
  • Dzmitry Haviazheu, MD

    Dzmitry Haviazheu headshot


  • Reza Amerinasab, MD

    Reza Amerinasab
  • Ernest Batista, MD

    Ernest Batista
  • Karanveer Purewal, MD

    Karanveer Purewal
  • Kelechi Ukoha, MD

    Kelechi Ukoha


  • Louis Bonacorsi, MD

    Louis  Bonacorsi
  • Kwan Chen, MD

    Kwan  Chen
  • Mitchell Fehlberg, MD

    Mitchell Fehlberg
  • Eric Huh, MD

    Eric  Huh
  • Peter Kamel, MD

    Peter Kamel
  • Ajay Kumar, MD

    Ajay Kumar
  • Danielle Livingston, MD

    Danielle Livingstone
  • Licia Luna, MD

    Licia Luna
  • Saeedeh Mirbagheri, MD

    Saeedeh  Mirbagheri
  • Rod Momenian, MD

    Rod Momenian
  • Amr Moustafa, MD

    Amr Moustafa
  • Victor Nwokocha, MD

    Victor  Nwokocha
  • Bhumi Patel, MD

    Bhumi Patel

Nuclear Medicine and Clinical PET/CT

  • Ricardo Bello-Martinez, M.D.

    Ricardo Bello-Martinez, M.D.  headshot
  • Seyed Ali Mosallaie, M.D.

    Dr. Seyed Ali Mosallaie M.D.
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