Patient Information

From your initial phone call, our expert team offers you and your family individual attention and understanding. We recognize the importance of answering all of your questions and alleviating your fears because the first visit can be overwhelming. We hope you find the information on our web pages helpful but please do not hesitate to call us.

Request an Appointment: 410-550-6337

Using the latest diagnostics and the most recent advances in treatment in the field of Alzheimer's disease and dementia, the Memory and Alzheimer's Treatment Clinic can provide patients and families with:

  • a thorough assessment,
  • an accurate diagnosis, treatment, and
  • referral to additional needed services.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Adults with memory loss and related depression and/or behavioral problems
  • Families and caregivers of individuals with memory loss or dementia     

Scheduling the Initial Visit

To facilitate the process to schedule your first visit at our clinic, here is a checklist of required documents necessary to initiate the scheduling process. 

Required Documents:

  1. Office notes from last 2 visits with referring provider and Primary Care History
  2. Physical Referral (if required by insurance)  
  3. Demographic Sheet
  4. Insurance Information
  5. Name and number for best contact to call for scheduling
    (must be patient, family member, friend or caregiver) 

Additional Requested Documents:  
(these are not required, but please provide if available)  

  • Recent bloodwork
  • Mini Mental or MOCA
  • Brain scans (patient should bring copy of disc to visit)
  • Neuropsychological Testing 

Next steps:

  • Please fax all of the required documents to 410-550-5992. Please note all required documents are needed to initiate the scheduling process.
  • When all required documents are faxed and received by our team, please allow 1-2 weeks for review and scheduling turn around.
  • Please note that we are regularly booking 4-6 months in advance for most of our providers