Patient and Family Resources Overview

One of the goals of the Huntington's Disease Society of America (HDSA) and the Huntington's Disease Center at Johns Hopkins is to promote education about Huntington's disease. Our aim is to help patients and families better understand the disease and its progression in order to plan and prepare for the future. We do this with support groups, individual and family counseling, a list of relevant publications and helpful web links.

About Huntington's Disease and Related Disorders
We invite you to read the background material on this website for a brief overview of these diseases.

Glossary of Terms 
Learn the meaning of terms you are likely to encounter in your search for information.

Myths About Huntington's Disease
Find out the answers to the most common misconceptions about HD.

Publications/Links/Support Group
Review this list of suggested reading, helpful web links for more information, and details about the HD center Support Group.