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Sports Rehabilitation

The Johns Hopkins Sports Rehabilitation Program is designed to assess, treat and educate athletes of all ages and experience levels, from adolescent athletes to weekend warriors and seasoned professionals. Our team is trained to help you recover from an injury, recognize risk factors or improve your athletic performance so that you can participate in your favorite activities for years to come.

Sports Rehabilitation: Why Choose Johns Hopkins

  • We treat adolescent, collegiate, recreational and professional athletes who participate in all kinds of sports and activities.
  • Our expert team consists of rehabilitation physicians and physical therapists who are current and former athletes with a deep understanding of how sports injuries happen. We are trained to perform sport- and injury-specific return-to-sport testing, using the most current research to ensure an optimal and safe return to activity.
  • We tailor treatment to your sport, including specialized programs for performing artists and runners.
  • We study the latest research on sports rehabilitation and train the next generation of therapists through our Sports Physical Therapy Residency Program.

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Conditions We Treat

  • Overuse injuries of the foot, ankle, shoulder, elbow, knee, hip and spine.
  • Traumatic injuries such as dislocations, fractures, broken bones and ligament tears.
  • Post-operative deconditioning from procedures such as joint replacement, ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair.
  • Sport-specific injuries such as tennis elbowrunner’s kneegolfer’s and baseball elbow and more.
  • Arthritis and general pain that cause an unwanted decrease in activity level.
  • Post-concussion syndrome (prolonged symptoms following a concussion) and return-to-sport conditioning after a concussion.

Our Sports Rehabilitation Team

Our team of sports rehabilitation physicians and physical therapists includes board-certified sports specialists with expertise in a variety of sports and sports injuries. We also work closely with orthopaedic sports medicine physicians to better coordinate your care.

Our Physicians

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Our team of sports physical therapists includes board-certified sports specialists with expertise in a variety of sports and sports injuries.


How We Help Athletes

Injury Prevention

Our sports rehabilitation experts are familiar with common injuries associated with each sport. Through a comprehensive examination, we can evaluate your body movements to screen you for movement patterns or muscular imbalances that may increase your risk for injury. From there, we will provide a tailored education and training program to help you adjust your technique to avoid injury and improve athletic performance.

Physical Therapy for Sports Injuries

As athletes, we understand the drive to return to sport after an injury. Many sports injuries with a proper recovery plan can heal without surgery. Whether you have a muscle strain or a stress fracture, we offer therapies to reduce inflammation and promote healing, while helping you increase activity gradually and safely.

We use a specific battery of sport- and injury-specific testing to gauge an athlete’s readiness to return to a particular competition or activity. Our testing involves a comprehensive examination based on the most current research to determine physical and psychological recovery that needs to happen to safely transition back to sport. Whether the testing shows that you are ready or not, our team is trained to evaluate the results and tailor your rehabilitation program accordingly.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

If surgical treatment is necessary, we partner with specialists in orthopaedics and other areas to provide comprehensive care. After your procedure, our board-certified therapists can help you regain your strength and function, as well as teach you strategies to prevent reinjury.


Our Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technology (Slideshow)

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