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Conference Program

Program Offerings

Johns Hopkins Activity & Mobility Promotion (JH-AMP) firmly establishes the concept that a systematic approach is beneficial in combating the harms of immobility in our hospitals. While evidence supports the benefits of mobility, implementation has been challenged by clinical “silos” and competing hospital priorities. Implementing interventions requires creating a new collaborative culture and aligning clinical priorities. This conference features presentations by members of the inter-professional team who have developed this new collaborative culture, successfully integrating mobility as an essential component of hospital operations, quality improvement and safety efforts.


Foundations: Moving Safely with Patients

Live Content: April 21, 2021
On Demand Content: Available now until June 1, 2021

A core tenant of this program is to ensure that nurses and other front-line staff receive the required training on engaging and mobilizing patients safely by incorporating the functional capacity scores to achieve daily mobility goals. This is the exact training we use to develop our front-line “mobility advocates” who are able to train front-line staff to safely and effectively mobilize patients.

Key elements of the training include:

  • Using teach-back methods to communicate to others the importance of hospital activity and mobility and use of functional assessment tools
  • Utilization of proper techniques and equipment to mobilize patients safely and coach other staff
  • Use appropriate techniques to engage patients in mobility activities and know how to address patient refusal
  • Correctly score and interpret scores from the AM-PAC, JH-HLM and the Johns Hopkins Daily Mobility Goal Calculator
  • Understand the terms used when mobilizing patients, such as level of physical assistance, precautions, weight bearing restrictions, etc.

Foundations: The Johns Hopkins AMP Hospital Mobility Solution

Live Content: April 22, 2021
On Demand Content: Available now until June 1, 2021

This foundational content details the JH-AMP solution for frontline caregivers and hospital leaders. Content will focus on the tools and resources needed to design and implement structured quality improvement processes to increase and sustain patient activity and mobility. Our team will also lead a series of interactive “Design Workshops” aimed to walk you through the process of developing a JH-AMP implementation plan for your hospital.

Main Conference

Live Content: April 23-24, 2021
On Demand Content: Available now until June 1, 2021

Interdisciplinary collaboration and coordination is vital to facilitate a systematic approach to mobility in the hospital. While clinical trials support the benefits of mobility in the hospital, implementing these interventions requires establishing a systematic approach to mobility as an institutional safety quality priority no different than falls or medication reconciliation. This conference will address the “hospital immobility harm” bridging the interdisciplinary gap from research to clinical implementation at the bedside. Specifically, content will include:

  • Functional Assessment and Measurement: Advances in Use the of AM-PAC & JH-HLM Tools, Wearable Devices and Activity Mapping
  • Bedside Best Practices at the Frontlines
  • Balancing Falls, Mobility and Safe Patient Handling
  • Interdisciplinary Mobility Program Exemplars: From Young to Old and Across the Globe

Meet our Speakers

Find out more about the nurses, doctors, therapists and administrators behind our Hospital Activity and Mobility Conference sessions.


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