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Conditions We Treat

Our peripheral nerve surgeons understand the complexity of the peripheral nervous system and can recommend the best surgical approaches to address pain and loss of function resulting from a variety of nerve injuries. 

Lower Extremity Nerve Injuries

Spinal Nerve Root and Spinal Cord Conditions

  • Paralysis after a spinal cord injury
  • Nerve injury after spine surgery

Spine and Nerve Tumors

Nerve Injuries in Children


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How do I know if surgery is right for me?

Our surgeons consider a variety of factors when deciding which treatment is best for you. Here are some questions to discuss with your doctor:

When did the injury occur?

Older injuries are still treatable, but options may be limited.

What symptoms are you experiencing?

Symptoms can help define the extent and location of the injury.

How much of the nerve is damaged?

Longer areas of damaged nerves take more time to heal. 

What outcomes are possible?

Innovative, evidence-based techniques ensure realistic but impactful results.

Dr. Tuffaha

We work with patients to understand how these injuries affect their day to day — and guide them toward the treatment that fits their lives.”

— Dr. Sami Tuffaha


Peripheral Nerve Injuries: Why Choose Johns Hopkins

nerve anatomy illustration
  • With vast experience in surgically managing even the most complex peripheral nerve injuries, the Peripheral Nerve Surgery Center offers the skilled intervention you need to address pain and restore optimal function.

  • The Peripheral Nerve Surgery Center was founded to provide the highest quality surgical care for peripheral nerve injuries and to generate new understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of nerve diseases through research.

  • You will benefit from our multidisciplinary approach, with insights from neurology, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, plastic and reconstructive surgery, radiology and rehabilitation.

  • Our holistic approach addresses the total well-being of the patient through our unique degree of experience, our successful surgical outcome record and access to quality hospital care.

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