Our Approach to Nerve Injuries

Our team at the Peripheral Nerve Surgery Center is skilled in treating even the most complex peripheral nerve injuries. We offer expert diagnosis, personalized treatment plans and advanced surgical techniques to restore optimal function. 

We treat all types of nerve injuries, including brachial plexus injury, spinal accessory nerve injury and injuries caused by nerve entrapment, such as peroneal nerve injury.

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Nerve Repair

Re-connecting the two ends of a severed nerve if it's still viable

Nerve Graft

Bridging the gap left by an injured nerve with a new nerve taken from either a donor or elsewhere in your body.

Nerve Transfer

Rerouting a portion of a healthy nerve to an injured one

Nerve Decompression

Relieving pressure on an otherwise healthy nerve caused by scar tissue

Tendon Transfer

Using a healthy tendon from another part of the body to restore function to a paralyzed tendon

Muscle Transfer

Replacing atrophied muscle with new tissue from a different part of your body

DREZ Lesioning

Accessing the spinal cord and silencing pain-signaling nerve cells

Peripheral Nerve Injury Surgeons

Our specialized nerve injury surgeons are leaders in their field, performing a high number of procedures each year.

Advanced Practitioners

Bronwyn Slobogean, P.A.

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