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Shumon Ian Dhar, M.D.

Shumon Dhar, MD
Shumon Dhar, M.D.


Dr. Shumon Dhar in a laryngologist located in Baltimore, Maryland who specializes in the treatment of voice, airway and swallowing disorders. Dr. Dhar earned his undergraduate degree from the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education, City College of New York, magna cum laude and earned his medical degree at Stony Brook University School of Medicine. Upon completion of his internship and residency in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at SUNY Upstate Medical University Hospital,  Dr. Dhar complete a fellowship in Laryngology as well as Broncho-esophagology at the University of California, Davis. 

Appointments and Center

The Johns Hopkins Voice Center

To request an appointment with Dr. Dhar call 443-997-6467


Benign Vocal Fold Lesions (Nodules, Polyps, Cysts, Sulcus, Scar, Web etc.), Laryngeal Papillomatosis, Transgender Voice and Communication, Vocal Fold Immobility and Paralysis, Presbylarynges, Voice Restoration After Laryngectomy, Early Laryngeal Cancer, Vocal Fold Dysfunction (VCD), Chronic Cough, Laryngotracheal Stenosis, Laryngeal trauma, Laryngeal Dystonia, Vocal Tremor, Muscle Tension Dysphonia, Oropharyngeal Dysphagia, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and Extra-esophageal Reflux Disease, Cricopharyngeal Muscle Dysfunction, and Esophageal Motility Disease


Dr. Shumon Dhar’s research focuses on risk factors, prevention, and management of patients with profound swallowing disorders. He also is interested in neuro-laryngology, specifically laryngeal dystonia and using implantable medical devices to improve patient outcomes. He is passionate about providing expert clinical care and providing novel methods in improving the quality of life of patients with voice, airway, and swallowing disorders.

Licensures and Certifications

American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Written Qualifying Exam: Passed, November 19th 2018 

California Medical Board, Licensed Physician and Surgeon, expires 12/31/2019
Date of Issuance 4/10/2018, License # 155330


Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center
601 N. Caroline Street
Baltimore, MD 21287

Awards and Honors

  • Research Seed Grant, National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association, 2017
  • Maturi Scholar, Mack Lipkin International Research Fellowship, 2009
  • New York City Health Literacy Fellowship, Office of the Mayor of NYC, 2008 
  • Rudin Research Fellowship in Molecular and Cell Biology, City University of New York, 2006

Selected Publications

Dhar SI, Mattioni J, Sataloff RT. Endoscopic Findings in a Professional Singer with Frequent Throat Clearing. ENT Journal. 2017 Accepted.

Dhar SI, R Kopp, Tatum SA. Advances in Eyelid Reconstruction. Current Opinion in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. 2016 Aug;24(4):352-8.

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Dultz LA, Dhar SI, Ogilvie JB, Heller KS, Bar-Sagi D, Patel KN. Clinical and therapeutic implications of Sprouty2 feedback dysregulation in BRAF V600E-mutation-positive papillary thyroid cancer. Surgery. 2013 Dec;154(6):1239-44

Zagzag J, Pollack A, Dultz L, Dhar SI, Ogilvie JB, Heller KS, Deng FM, Patel KN. Clinical utility of immunohistochemistry for the detection of the BRAF v600e mutation in papillary thyroid carcinoma. Surgery. 2013 Dec;154(6):1199-204

Dhar SI. All Fall Down. Emergency Landing. Pulse: Voices from the Heart of Medicine. 2012.


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