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Department Administration

NamePositionPhone Number
Brian WoodheadAdministrator410-955-1080
Marylisa PriceAssistant Administrator410-955-3669
TBDAssistant Administrator 
Donna ClareDirector of Development410-955-0173
Aly StolbaNurse Manager410-955-9151
Joan JohnsonHuman Resource Generalist410-955-9264
Lori KahlAdministrative Manager - Sponsored Projects410-955-4541
Carol ReynoldsSr. Administrative Manager - Sponsored Projects410-502-5129
Kimberly DorseySupervisor - Medical Office Coordinators410-955-0292
Sherry JonesClinic Supervisor - Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center410-955-9236
Lindsey JeannitonClinic Manager - Green Spring Station Clinic410-616-7300
Rosa FuentesPractice Manager - Suburban Clinic301-896-6073
TBDAmbulatory Services Manager – Bayview Medical Center 
Steven BeadsAdministrative Manager - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Dentistry410-502-4341
Christine BenatoDental Clinic Surpervisor410-502-4341
Mark DeisePatient Access Manager OLHN443-997-0536
Karen ShirkManager - Patient Billing Services410-933-6401
Anna ShermanEpic Operations Analyst410-955-9266
Jamie LeizerSupervisor Billing Services410-933-5424

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