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Toe Walking

Babies often walk on their toes as they’re learning to get around. This toe walking is normal and usually goes away after the toddler phase. But when children continue to toe walk after they should have outgrown the habit, you should seek a medical opinion about how to treat the condition.


Toe Walking: What You Need to Know

  • Toe walking, or walking on the ball of the foot, may be a sign of some underlying medical condition. An orthopaedic surgeon or advanced practice provider will be able to assess your child for an underlying condition.
  • Most children outgrow toe walking.
  • If your child walks on his or her toes and also exhibits muscle weakness or a lack of coordination, you should mention it to your pediatrician.
  • Treatment for toe walking begins conservatively. In rare cases, surgery may be necessary.

Why Choose Johns Hopkins for treatment of toe walking?

Our Physicians

Rely on the expertise of our physicians to accurately diagnose and treat toe walking in your child.

Our Staff

Our physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) specialize in pediatric orthopaedics and play a key role in providing care to our patients and families.

Meet our staff members that care for children diagnosed with toe walking:

headshot of Melissa Fought

Melissa Fought, C.R.N.P.

image of Colleen Lenz coming soon

Colleen Lenz, C.R.N.P.

photo of Kristen Venuti

Kristen Venuti, C.R.N.P.

headshot of Karen Wille

Karen Wille, P.A.-C.

photo of Tresie Yost

Mary Teresa "Tresie" Yost, F.N.P.-C.

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