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Bone Cysts Treatment

Bone cysts are fluid-filled pockets in the bone that have not developed into actual bone or bone tissue. There are four main types of bone cysts: nonossifying fibromas (NOF), fibrous cortical defects, unicameral bone cysts and aneurysmal bone cysts (ABC). Nonossifying fibromas are the most common type of benign bone tumor found among children.


Bone Cysts Treatment: What You Need to Know

  • Benign (noncancerous) bone cysts are common in children and often go away on their own.
  • The majority of bone cysts develop in the lower extremities.
  • They rarely cause pain and may go unnoticed until a child is X-rayed because of another condition.
  • Some large bone cysts can weaken a bone enough that it will fracture under circumstances that otherwise would not have affected it.

Why Choose Johns Hopkins for treatment of bone cysts?

Our Physicians

Rely on the expertise of our physicians to help you manage your child’s bone cyst(s).

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