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Orthopaedic Surgery

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Blount's Disease Treatment

Blount’s disease is a pediatric condition that affects the growth plates below the knee and causes a child to have a bowlegged appearance. There are two types of the condition: infantile and adolescent. Infantile Blount’s disease occurs in children up to three years old and only affects the growth plate at the end of the tibia (shin bone). It is more common than adolescent Blount’s disease, which occurs in children over the age of 10 and affects the growth plates of both the tibia and femur (thigh bone).

Blount's Disease Treatment: What You Need to Know

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  • Blount’s disease is a condition that affects bone growth in the bones below the knee, causing a child to become bowlegged.
  • Young children often have bowing in both of their legs, while adolescents with the condition most often only have bowing on one side.
  • The cause of the condition is unknown, but it tends to run in families.
  • A physical exam and X-rays are done to diagnose Blount’s disease.
  • Bracing is usually the first course of treatment, but if a patient does not respond to bracing, surgery is often recommended.
  • Once the condition is corrected, most children are able to resume their regular, everyday activities without problems.

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