Our Approach to Knee Replacement Surgery

Are you putting your life on hold due to chronic knee pain? Our team of experts can help you determine if it's time for a knee replacement and whether a total or partial replacement is right for you. Knee replacement is a major surgery that requires a lot of planning for both the surgeon and the patient. Our team of orhopaedic surgeons, nurse practitioners and patient educators will guide you through every step of the process and help coordinate your care before, during and after the surgery.

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Total Knee Replacement Procedure

Watch how and why a total knee replacement surgery is performed, what preparation for the surgery involves, and what to expect as you recover.

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Knee Replacement Specialists

Our team of knee replacement specialists includes highly skilled orthopaedic surgeons, physician assistants and nurse practitioners who are dedicated to providing quality care.

Hear from Our Experts

Knee Replacement Surgery | Savya Thakkar, M.D.

Partial Knee Replacement | Q&A with Vishal Hegde, M.D.

Partial Knee Replacement QA with Dr Vishal Hegde

Consultation Locations

You can schedule a consultation with a hip and knee specialist at one of these locations.