Orthopaedics Skills Lab and Research Facilities

The orthopaedic skills lab provides hands-on experience for surgeons and researchers.

The Johns Hopkins International Center for Orthopaedic Advancement was the brainchild of James F. Wenz, M.D. The center is devoted to advancing the practice of orthopaedic surgery through surgeon education and basic research.

The lab hosts Johns Hopkins orthopaedic grand rounds twice a month on Thursdays at 7 a.m., and our residents train in the lab until noon on those days. On other days, including weekends, the skills lab is available for training sessions hosted by groups from the private sector and/or government on a rental basis.

The biomechanics lab is also available on a fee-for-service basis for testing or contractual research. These two facilities enable researchers to conduct mock surgeries to test new implants or mechanically challenge them in a lab setting.

The Hands-on Surgical Skills Lab is Equipped with:

  • Six surgical stations with overhead OR lighting and digital (including one instructor station with an overhead video camera)
  • Six arthroscopy stations
  • Two mobile fluoroscopy stations (c-arms)
  • Access to anatomical specimens

The Research Testing Lab is Equipped for Musculoskeletal Testing

  • MTS 858 biaxial testing machine
  • MTS multiaxial knee simulator
  • Smart capture kinematic analysis system
  • Lunar DPX-NT bone densitometer

The Conference Center Has a Kitchen/Board room and Teaching Center for 25 Students

  • Seating for an additional 10 students
  • Equipped with 54-inch flat screen HDTV for podium presentations or live video feed from the skills lab