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Orthopaedic Surgery Residents

Johns Hopkins Medicine is a leader in the education and training of physicians and biomedical scientists. Our residents and fellows are among the most creative and outstanding leaders in medicine and science in the 21st century and are trained in cutting-edge science, novel treatments and the wise use of technology and avoidance of unnecessary medical tests and procedures. Learn more about our residency program in orthopaedic surgery.

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Residents by postgraduate year of study:

After meeting the residents and faculty on my interview day, I knew this was a special place. Whether your passion is biomedical ethics, research, global outreach, public health or medical illustration, this is a place with abundant resources where your unique interests are not only cultivated, but celebrated.

- Megan Hsu, class of 2023

Megan Hsu

Orthopaedic Surgery Resident Survival Guide

The Orthopaedic Surgery Resident Survival Guide was designed to provide our residents with important, easy-to-access information to help direct them during the program.

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This survival guide is dedicated to James F. Wenz, M.D., a true gentleman, scholar and innovator. He was the type of patient and resident advocate that all of us should strive to be.

-Kevin Farmer, M.D., class of 2008

The guide is divided into 10 key sections. Each section provides guidelines and vital information to help ensure the safety of our patients and residents:

  • Emergencies
  • Physical Exams
  • Procedures
  • Preoperative Care
  • Operating Room Safety
  • Radiology
  • Postoperative Care
  • Medical Issues
  • Consult Issues
  • Ortho e-Learning