Great 8: In Basket Optimization Initiative

JHM Great 8

Less Time in your In Basket — The Great 8!

Johns Hopkins Medicine is going through a change initiative to off-load physician/faculty In Basket work by empowering staff to manage more messages, and by teaching everyone to be more efficient. The Great 8 In Basket Optimization Initiative has three phases, starting with general education and training of staff, managers and providers (Phase 1), followed by at-elbow coaching to reinforce the new workflows (Phase 2), and longer-term reinforcement, re-education and evaluation (Phase 3). 

All Johns Hopkins faculty/providers, administrators/leaders, managers and staff members in our ambulatory practices should register for training.

Questions? Email: [email protected]


Great 8 Training & Schedules

We are targeting 3 groups of learners as we roll out the Great 8.  Click to expand one of the learner groups below for reference guides, slides, recordings, and links to class schedules.


Quick Tips to Save You Clicks

Welcome to our Great 8 video series: Quick Tips to Save You Clicks. Each month, we’ll share short how-to videos showing you how to complete common Epic In Basket tasks in less time. Click on the links below to view the videos.

Great 8 Optimization

Dr. Theodore DeWeese Shares a Message About the Great Eight In Basket Optimization Initiative, including a demonstration of the QuickAction in Epic.

View the videos in the library link below, and you’ll be entered into a raffle for prizes! Remember, the more videos you watch, the more chances you have to win prizes!

Great 8 Quick Tips to Save You Clicks


Team Based Care & Scope of Practice


One of the most important elements of the Great 8 is empowering all members of the team to work at the top of their licenses to meet the needs of our patients.  See the link below to understand what you can do based on your role and scope.

great 8 scope

Download the In Basket Scope of Practice

FAQS & Additional Info

See below for additional resources and job aids.

In Basket Upgrade Overview Guide
In Basket Comprehensive Guide
In Basket FAQs

For Providers:
Optimize your In Basket
In Basket Management for Providers

For Managers
Epic In Basket for Managers
In Basket Management Strategy for Clinical Departments

For Staff
Clinical / Non-Clinical In Basket Management

Need additional resources?  Please visit the Epic Training Portal for more.


Webinars, Articles, Publications

Learn more about In Basket Management and Well-Being

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Physicians’ Well-Being Linked To In-Basket Messages Generated By Algorithms In Electronic Health Records

Electronic health records and burnout: Time spent on the electronic health record after hours and message volume associated with exhaustion but not with cynicism among primary care clinicians

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