Fall 2023

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Future Shock

Rapid advances in artificial intelligence are changing medicine by the minute. What are the promises? The potential perils? And what lies just around the corner? We surveyed leading AI experts across Johns Hopkins to find out.

Paying homage to the Sistine Chapel painting, "The Creation of Adam," a human hand and a robot hand are close to touching.

Articles in this Issue

  • Womb for Improvement

    The rate of endometrial cancer is rising. At Johns Hopkins, Amanda Nickles Fader and other experts are working to raise awareness and devise new tools to address "one of the worst public health crises for women right now."

    conceptual illustration of woman holding flower above womb
  • Cardiac Trailblazer

    Medical pioneer Levi Watkins Jr., opened doors to make Johns Hopkins a more inclusive place. Now the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center will bear his name.

    The mural painting project of Levi Watkins
  • Restored

    By sculpting and painting prostheses for ears, noses, toes and more, clinical anaplastologists enable patients to go back out into the world feeling -- and looking -- whole.

    Juan Garcia at work.


  • Letters

    This issue's note from the editor, plus letters from our readers.

    Sue De Pasquale smiles and stands against a blue-grey background.
  • Horizons

    Find out how "Y" marks the spot.

    scientific photo showing chromosomes
  • Post-Op

    Training those who have long been underrepresented in medicine is essential to health equity.

    Fists of people of color hold a syringe, a test tube and a pencil.