Closler.Org Turns 5

vintage photo of William Osler

William Osler

Launched in 2018 by the Miller Coulson Academy of Clinical Excellence at Johns Hopkins to bring today’s doctors “closer to Osler” — with essays, articles and poetry that stimulate reflection about providing exceptional care to patients — CLOSLER has gained a loyal following among doctors around the world, says editor Gretchen Miller.

“We’ve managed to hold our own in this nonprofit world of small budget medical education and medical humanities sites, where a lot of them lose steam,” says Miller. “And we’ve been consistent in publishing a new piece every day, Monday through Friday. That’s a lot in five years!”

Last year, in response to growing interest in the humanities in medicine, CLOSLER launched a new forum for “creative arts in medicine.” In one recent entry, a young doctor from India focused on countering burnout through music, offering a lamplit performance on a seven-stringed Indian classical musical instrument. In another, a medical student from Johns Hopkins shared her passion for pottery and discussed how it allows her to connect more deeply with her work.

Most recently, CLOSLER added a podcast to its mix: The Making of a Clinician, the brainchild of three pre-med students who are serving as CLOSLER interns, which has explored themes such as LGBTQ voices in medicine and White Coats for Black Lives.

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