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Article List 2008

Validation of the CNS Penetration-Effectiveness rank for quantifying antiretroviral penetration into the central nervous system.
Letendre S, Marquie-Beck J, Capparelli E, Best B, Clifford D, Collier AC, Gelman BB, McArthur JC, McCutchan JA, Morgello S, Simpson D, Grant I, Ellis RJ; CHARTER Group.
Arch Neurol. 2008 Jan;65(1):65-70. PMID 18195140

Cytokine Genotype Suggests a Role for Inflammation in Nucleoside Analog-Associated Sensory Neuropathy (NRTI-SN) and Predicts an Individual’s NRTI-SN Risk
Cherry CL, Rosenow A, Affandi JS, McArthur JC, Wesselingh SL, Price P.
AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses Feb 2008.

Characterization of the follicular dendritic cell reservoir of human immunodeficiency virus type 1.
Keele BF, Tazi L, Gartner S, Liu Y, Burgon TB, Estes JD, Thacker TC, Crandall KA, McArthur JC, Burton GF.
J Virol. 2008 Jun; 82(11):5548-61. Epub 2008 Apr;2. PMID: 18385252.

Converging roles of sphingolipids and cell stress in the progression of Neuro-AIDS.
Haughey NJ, Steiner J, Nath A, McArthur JC, Sacktor N, Pardo C, Venkata V, Bandaru R.
Frontiers in Bioscience. 2008;13:5120-5130. PMID: 18508574

Characterization of the Follicular Dendritic Cell Reservoir of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1
Keele BF, Tazi L, Gartner S, Liu Y, Burgon TB, Estes JD, Thacker TC, Crandall KA, McArthur JC, Burton GF.
Jrnl of Virol.June 2008;82 (11):5548-5561

Neurologic disorders are prevalent in HIV-positive outpatients in the Asia-Pacific region
Wright E, Brew B, Arayawichanont A, Robertson K, Samintharapanya K, Kongsaengdao S, Lim M, Vonthanak S, Lal L, Sarim C, Huffam S, Li P, Lewis IJ, Lun WH, Kamarulzaman A, Tau G, Ali ST, Kishore K, Bain MP, Dwyer R, McCormack G, Hellard M, Cherry C, McArthur JC, Wesselingh S.
NeurologyJuly 2008;71: 50-56.

Reduction of disease activity and disability with high-dose cyclophosphamide in patients with aggressive multiple sclerosis
Krishnan C, Kaplin AI, Brodsky RA, Drachman DB, Jones RJ, Pham DL, Richert ND, Pardo CA, Yousem DM, Hammond E, Quigg M, Trecker C, McArthur JC, Nath A, Greenberg BM, Calabresi PA, Kerr DA.
Arch Neurol. Aug 2008;65(8):1044-51.

Humanimmunodeficiency virus protease inhibitors and risk for peripheral neuropathy.
Ellis RJ, Marquie-Beck J, Delaney P, Alexander T, Clifford DB, McArthur JC, Simpson DM, Ake C, Collier AC, Gelman BB, McCutchan JA, Morgello S, Grant I; CHARTER Group.
Ann Neurol. 2008 Nov; 64(5):566-72. PMID: 19067367.

Simplification of the research diagnosis of HIV-associated sensory neuropathy.
Evans SR, Clifford DB, Kitch DW, Goodkin K, Schifitto G, McArthur JC, Simpson DM.
HIV Clin Trials. 2008 Nov-Dec; 9(6):434-9. PMID: 19203909.

A defect of sphingolipid metabolism modifies the properties of normal appearing white matter in multiple sclerosis
David Wheeler, Veera Venkata Ratnam Bandaru, Peter A. Calabresi, Avindra Nath, Norman J. Haughey.
Brain 2008 131(Pt 11): 3092-3102.

Converging roles for sphingolipids and cell stress in the progression of neurological dysfunction in AIDS
Haughey, N.J., Steiner, J.,Nath, A. , J.C., Sacktor, N., Pardo, C., Bandaru, V.V.R.
Frontiers in Biosci. 2008 1;13: 5120-5130.

Nitrosative stress with HIV dementia causes decreased L-prostaglandin D synthetase activity.
Li, W., Malpica, T., Gundry, R., Cotter, R., Sacktor, N., McArthur, J., Nath, A.
Neurology 2008;70:1753-1762. PMID: 18077799

Mechanism-based inactivation of human cytochromes p450s: experimental characterization, reactive intermediates, and clinical implications
Hollenberg PF, Kent UM, Bumpus N.N.
Chemical Research in Toxicology 2008;21(1):189-205. PMID: 18052110

Investigation of the mechanisms underlying the effects of the K262R mutation of P450 2B6 on catalytic activity
Bumpus, N.N. and Hollenberg P.F.
Molecular Pharmacology 2008;74(4):990-9. PMID: 18621926

Baseline serum cholesterol is selectively associated with motor speed and not rates of cognitive decline: The Women’s Health and Aging Study II
Mielke, M.M., Xue, Q-L, Zhou, J., Chaves, P.H.M., Fried, L.P., Carlson, M.C.
Journal of Gerontology: Medical Science 2008;63:619-624.

Developing new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease: The who, what, when, and how of biomarker guided therapies
Lyketsos, C.G., Szekely, C.A., Mielke, M.M., Rosenberg P.B., Zandi, P.P.
International Psychogeriatrics 2008; 20(5):871-89.

Developing neuroprotective strategies for treatment of HIV-associated neurocognitive dysfunction.
Rumbaugh JA, Steiner J, Sacktor N, Nath A.
Futur HIV Ther. 2008;2(3):271-280. PMID: 19774095

Converging roles for sphingolipids and cell stress in the progression of neuroAIDS
Haughey, N.J.*, Steiner, J.P.*, Nath, A., McArthur, J.C., Sacktor, N, Pardo, C. and Veera Venkata Ratnam Bandaru.
Frontiers in Bioscience May 2008 5120-30.

 NMDA receptor activation by HIV-Tat protein is Clade-Dependent.
Li, W., Haung, Y., Reid, R., Steiner, J., Malpic-Llanos, T., Darden, T., Shankar, S., Mahadevan, A., Satishchandra, P., and Nath, A.*
J. Neurosci. 28(47):12190-8, 2008 (Accepted Sept 22, 2008). PMID: 19020013

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