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Neurology and Neurosurgery

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Past Intern Research Projects


  • Erin Young: “Structural Alterations in Outer Hair Cells of C57 and CBA Mice”
  • Ashley Yim: “Polymeric Nanoparticles for Nonviral Gene Therapy of Medulloblastoma and AT/RT Brain Tumors”
  • Janelle Ramroop: Flashes and Floaters on Posterior Vitreous Detachments
  • Aarish Hanif: TDP-43's effect On The Hippocampus and Non-Conserved cryptic exons
  • Andrew Hurdle: Anisotropic Biodegradable Microparticles for Controlled Paracrine Delivery
  • Olusimisola Adenaiya: Testing Drugs on Spinal Cord Tissue using Immunofluorescence Staining in ALS
  • Makayla Brown: Afferent Type II Neuron Innervation in the Murine Cochlea
  • Iyana Charles: Argus II: Vision Restoration
  • Kira Jessup: Downregulation of SF3B2 in Neuroprotective in Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Sarah Martey: Evaluating Chemokine Expression in Gammaherpesviral and Neuro-inflammatory Comorbidity
  • Rykell Robinson: Remitted Depression as a Contributor to Cognitive Impairment in Women Living with HIV: The Role of Cortisol
  • Erin Hill: Abstract Thinking in Cerebellar Ataxia
  • Pete Noparat: Outcomes of Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty Using a No-Touch Trifolded Approach
  • Kyrian Elekwachi: Interneurons and Epilepsy Associated with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Haleemat Adekoya: The Relationship Between Cognitive Reserve and Cognitive Performance
  • Sherry Bossard: Social Reward Learning and Vasopressin
  • Serin Gbaba: Researching Epilepsy in the Developing Mind


  • Tiffany Green: "The Effect of Don-Prodrug on Stress-Induced Depressive-Like Behaviors"
  • Diamyn Wilson: "Detection of Citrullinated PAD2 in the Brain of Patients with Multiple Sclerosis"
  • Anita Cooke: "Effect of Exosomes Released in Response to TNF-alpha on Neurons"
  • Mah Noor: "Stroke Detection in Brain MRI"
  • Ashlee Hegie: "Comprehensive Stroke Center Certification"
  • Denille Smith: "Potential therapeutic targets for C9orf72- associated ALS"
  • Kira Hunt: "The Effect of Depressive Symptoms on Multitasking in Spinocerebellar Ataxia"
  • Eryka Parham: "The Study of Antiretroviral Therapy on the Blood-Brain-Barrier"
  • Devante Kerr: "The Role of Dopamine in the Salt-Seeking Behavior of Drosophila Melanogaster"
  • Khandi Harrison: "Visual Dysfunction in Children with Multiple Sclerosis and Healthy Controls"
  • Laxaviera Elphage: "To Do Or Not To Do: Action Suppression During Conflict Resolution"
  • Fayla Guerin: "Contamination and no Contamination using BRIEF-A"


  • Elonna Jones: “CCL2 inhibits canonical type I interferon responses”
  • Tyler Johnson: “Cognitive impairment: Investigating if cognitive performance is indicative of impairments to social functioning”
  • Karla Ujueta: “A clinical study on OCD children with autistic traits in relation to their adult relatives with schizotypal traits”
  • Olutayo Fawibe, Sanaa Amin, Bianca Cea: “Discerning shape thickness and volume in the superior temporal gyrus as Influenced by mild cognitive impairment”
  • Anne Zappas: “Comparisons of trajectories of mini-mental state evaluation and Montreal Cognitive Assessment scores in Alzheimer's Disease and frontotemporal dementia”
  • Montrell Vass: “Action selection under conflict: The role of reaction time”
  • Bidii Bangamwabo: “Oxytocin: Parallel processing in the social brain”
  • Leah Christian: “Using an sFRP3 antibody to promote cell proliferation and neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus”
  • Sheila Shaheed: “Osteopontin-mediated regulation of neurite growth”
  • Iqrah Choudhry: “Q Cells: Effects of fluorine labeling for ALS patients”
  • Shreya Vinjamuri: “Music's elicitation of emotion: Impact on social interaction”
  • Morgan Taylor: “The effects of music on memory encoding and retention”
  • Catina Mable: “Sublingual apomorphine project: Cyanapsus Study”
  • Leah Vines: “HIV and neuropathy: D-drug use and intra-epidermal nerve fiber density”
  • Monika Watat: “SCG10 (Stathmin 2): Immunoreactivity as a method of evaluating nerve regeneration
  • Treasure Nwokeleme: “The importance of MCT1 to oligodendrocytes and the surrounding neuro-environment”
  • Jae Eun (Janice) Nam: “Elevated osteopontin in HIV-associated co-morbidities: A pilot study”
  • Tinbit Berhanu: “Oligodendrocyte progenitor cell phagocytosis in response to IFNγ stimulation initiates the antigen presentation process
  • Katherine Duarte: “Transrenal DNA extraction”
  • Elisha Howard: “It's a two-way connection: the brain and the gut”
  • Nadia Paylor: Vesciular GABA transporter vGAT1 immunohistochemistry in adult mouse brain following neonatal ischemia
  • Brenda Dzaringa: “Will balance influence outcome-dependent plasticity in mouse primary visual cortex?”

Presentation Day, August 17, 2016


  • Briana Davis: “Oxytocin and Vasopressin: Parallel Processing in the Social Brain”
  • Brenda Dzaringa: “Examining Stress, Sexual Experiences, and Neighborhood Correlates of HIV Risk Among African-American Women (The Essence Project)”
  • Osama Hassan: “How does BACE1 inhibitor affect APP abundance in diabetic mice?”
  • Brittany Jones: “Animal model of delirium: Short-term memory deficits in postoperative mice”
  • Sabreenah Khan: “Prodrugs of the glutamine antagonist DON: characterization of their DON-releasing properties in cell lines”
  • Shadora Robinson: “Can exosomes from ATP-stimulated astrocytes reduce neuronal cell death?”
  • Tanisha Rodgers: "Analyzing and understanding strength measures in individuals with brain and spinal cord dysfunction"
  • Sai Ruthwik Putheti: “Correlation of patient perception of gait and balance with validated objective measures”
  • Shamon Thomas-Green: “Sexual and religious obsessions and obsessive compulsive disorder”
  • Sabah Muktar: “Helping youth in Baltimore realize their potential”


  • Alim Habib: “Quantification of denervation in SOD1 mice at 4 months of age”
  • Elmi Habib: “Kv1.3 KO CD4+ CD25hi secrete increased IL-10 and protect from EAE”
  • Dyshae Scott: “Phase II intracranial EEG monitoring for medically refractory epilepsy”
  • Enza Williams: “Genetic vs. environmental influence on the development of the sleep phenotype circadian rhythm disorder”
  • Trevana Eades: “The change of expression of cells during inflammation in the brain in Rasmussen’s encephalitis”
  • Amber Young: “Using mice models to analyze the molecular mechanisms of Alzheimer's disease”
  • Tyesha White: “Analysis of osteopontin expression in cells of the brain in HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder (HAND)”
  • Saida Muktar: “Development of PCS2+:Dendra2 vectors for transgenic expression in Xenopus laevis”
  • Quartay Bradshaw: “Improving access to behavioral treatments for Tourette’s disorder”
  • Garnell Purcell: “Protein tracking for mouse acting”
  • Maxwell Lawson: “Relative utility of the mental state examination and the Montreal cognitive assessment for monitoring cognition in subjects with dementia”
  • Jae Eun (Janice) Nam: “Differences in gene expression in painful and non-painful schwannomas”
  • Tatenda Rameau: “Expression of osteopontin in microglia cells in HIV+ individuals with cognitive impairment”
  • Rabia Tahir: “Histological characterization of fluorescently labeled outputs of the central amygdala”
  • MonYi Lwin: “Making a fly: DAT-NewD-GAL4 transgenic driver”
  • Anand Rajagopal: “Identification of genetic variants in children with neurological disease”
  • Shardell Robinson: “Superficial siderosis study”
  • Sarah Agarrat: “Minimally invasive surgery plus recombinant tissue-type plasminogen activator for intracerebral hemorrhage evacuation and perihematomal edema”
  • Solomon Johnson-Parker Hill: “Brainwaves during daily activities”
  • Shahirah Khan: “Quantification of sweating test as an assay for peripheral neuropathy in diabetic mice”


  • Keshara Cochrane: "The effect of dendrimer HDAC inhibitors on activated microglial cells"
  • Asia Cole Anxiety: "The negative effects mental illnesses have on a child’s physical, mental, social and behavioral development"
  • Chardone't Handy: "Development of educational tools to inform the public about Tuberous Sclerosis Complex"
  • Leshaia Davis-Johnson: "Length of stay evaluation in child and adolescent psychiatry"
  • Rodden Reyes: "Nanofiber nerve guide for peripheral nerve repair and regeneration"
  • Raven Fields: "A randomized placebo trial for Rett Syndrome"
  • Bianca Miller: "Lipid levels and sleep in adolescent ages 16-19"
  • Omar Joyce, Jr.: "BDNF: underlying factor in ischemia and epilepsy"
  • Surayyah Khan: "Reduced TNFR1 and NFkappaB expression in the brain of BACE1 transgenic mice"
  • Shawnita Cureton: "Identification of cells in the central nervous system expressing osteopontin"
  • Jayla Hubbard: "The effect of bisphenol A on adult neurogenesis"
  • Briceson Roy: "Natural products as tools to explore novel therapeutic targets for the treatment of depression"


  • Mina Al-Salihi: "Analyzing the role of Fig4 in the pathogenesis of Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease"
  • Pereviva Besong: "Mindfulness: reducing stress and increasing medical adherence in HIV patients"
  • Chase Dews: "Stem cells: Making myelin one mouse at a time"
  • Leah Hill: "HIV GP120: Inflammation in the brain"
  • Shanquel Holman: "Continuous performance test for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)"
  • Darin Johnson: "A study of neurogenesis"
  • Sabah Muktar: "Modulating spinal excitability with direct current stimulation"
  • Shishiri Naganyone: "The clinical and pathological features in late-life frontotemporal dementia"
  • Iyanuoluwa Onibatedo: "The role of PD1 in multiple sclerosis"
  • Himadri Patel: "The Kinereach Experiment"
  • Denise Roman: "The Bloomberg Children's Center: A Center of Excellence for children with mood disorders"
  • Tamara Simms: "Multiple domains of osteopontin enhance HIV replication in HeLa cells"
  • Joshua Villanueva: "The effect of retinoic acid on the proliferation of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) cells"
  • Ferlyn Virtudes: "Neuroprotective trials in Parkinson's Disease"


  • Hema Arikala: "Development of an improved HIV-1 reporter virus"
  • Hiba Farah: "The role of GABA-responsive neurons in epilepsy"
  • Martha Flores: "Clearance of myelin axonal debris in BACE1 knockout mice"
  • Diamond Greene: "The effect of anti-retroviral drugs on neuronal integrity"
  • Lili Mo: "The role of gastrin-releasing peptide in modulating food intake"
  • Raechel Mattison: "Reducing autistic symptoms in children with and without tuberous sclerosis"
  • Christiana Obeng: "The association between gastrointestinal stromal tumors and neurofibromatosis type I"
  • Erica Richardson: "Development of an ELISA to detect platelet activation"
  • Erin Richardson: "The role of genetic risk factors for psychiatric disorders in brain development"
  • Chanel Nicole Scott: "Identification of triggers for severe self-injurious behaviors in children"
  • Hawi Sorsu: "Use of a mouse model to study the role of synaptic plasticity in Rett Syndrome"
  • Franz Virtudes: "Molecular biology tools used in brain tumor research"
  • Thrisann Weathers: "Under reporting of infestation of CPAP machines"


  • Cherry Abdou: "Impact of cytokines on blood-barrier function"
  • Eyoha Bayu: "Testing of neuroprotective compounds in an in vitro assay"
  • Tarik Bayu: "Evaluation of trends in surgical treatment for acute ischemic stroke and intracerebral hemorrhage"
  • Nicole Coppola: "Traumatic brain injury: A report"
  • Shakira Gaskins: "In vivo models for ALS"
  • Destiny Harrod: "Autism spectrum disease model"
  • Mariah Heath: "Tools in molecular biology"
  • Farah Khan: "The effect of psychostimulants on locomotion in transgenic mice"
  • Aniqa Tasnim: "The role of BACE1 in myelin sheath formation"
  • Kelby Weston: "Neuromyelitis optica"
  • Lea William: "Changes in CD4+ and CD8+ T-cell numbers in the spleen during acute infection of macaques with SIV"


  • Nishelle Brice: "The relationship between weather and stroke occurrence"
  • Jerome Hill: "Molecular tools to phenotype mice"
  • Ellison James: "Dynamic visual acuity"
  • Candice Lyle: "Case study of a patient with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease"
  • Teri Porter: "Tourette Syndrome"
  • Amandeep Samra: "The relationship between body position and CSF pressure"
  • Ashley Van-Veen: "Measurement of vibration in adrenomyeloneuropathy"
  • Kimberly Williams: "Tools used to measure CSF pressure"


  • Taylor Alexander: "Neuroprotection exploratory trials in Parkinson's Disease"
  • Morgan Carrington: "Mapping the progression of loss of function in the frontotemporal dementias"
  • Erin Dickerson: "Impact of chemokines on housekeeping gene expression"
  • Tunisia Ellis: "Management of neurofibromatosis"
  • Michiko Kennedy: "Use of an animal model to study the ketogenic diet"
  • Asia Lynn: "The impact of hospital lighting on patient sleep quality"
  • Sakiera Malone: "Histological analyses of brain sections from epileptic patients"
  • Gabrielle Thomas: "Impact of chemokines on housekeeping gene expression"


  • Jacob Ennals: "Generation and expression of osteopontin deletion mutants"
  • Lena Harris: "A case study in schizophrenia"
  • Khadeijah Palmer-Rhodes: "Development of a drug for spinal muscular atrophy"
  • Deandria Spencer: "Motor deficits in a mouse model of ALS"
  • Vivian Ukegbu: "Use of a mouse model to study behavioral disorders"

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